Moving and Storage

All American Moving Service provides reliable storage service.Imagine if you had to sell all your stuff every time you moved to a smaller place, or experienced a natural disaster or some other life transition that forced you to move your belongings unexpectedly. Or you planned a major remodeling project and needed to empty a room temporarily, but there was noone around to give you a hand. You do not have to worry anymore as our helpful staff at All American Moving Service is here to help you solve your immediate and long-term storage needs. We have units available in a variety of sizes in addition to secured outdoor storage for your recreational or different occasional-use cars, boats, trailers and other large vehicles. All American Moving Service prides itself on maintaining their storage premises clean and performing regular pest control prevention.

Call now at (209) 230- 3926 and get the best moving service in Merced CA.

Some people crowd their home storage spaces with items they rarely use or seldom need to access, such as file boxes full of personal or business paperwork and tax records, excessive, large or bulky holiday decorations or duplicate furnishings that they want to hang on to. By utilizing storage services for these items you free up much needed space at your home or office. A commercial or home business that requires you to maintain a substantial inventory can also benefit from utilizing storage services; your items remain organized together in one central spot that’s easy to access when needed and your monthly costs are tax deductible.

The best moving services in Merced CA are provide by All American Moving Service.Many of us have encountered the case of receiving an inheritance of precious furniture from a beloved family member that we truly want. Unfortunately, we need some time to rearrange things in order to incorporate the pieces into our home. You might want to save antique furnishings for your children but are limited with space to store them at home. Climate controlled storage is a safe and efficient way to do that. Just call us and we will provide you with the storage space you need.

Is your teenager old enough to work but not ready to move out? Do they insist on storing their Barbies or Hot Wheels collections from childhood in your garage? Teach them a valuable lesson in responsibility by renting them their own off-site storage unit. You reclaim your space and they learn to budget their money to make a monthly payment to house their precious keepsakes. And when the time comes for your children, your parents or yourselves to move, we offer a wide variety of moving boxes, tape, furniture dollys and carts to serve you better. Call us today at (209) 230- 3926 to hear our monthly move-in specials and relative discounts for military, seniors and students. All American Moving Service appreciates the opportunity to satisfy all your storage needs.